28 Oct 21 07:36 Ubuntu Upgrade $
Never Never Upgrade it messes things up.  Then again I had the choice and did it when I wanted too

I have upgraded my server to ubuntu 21.10  not had much chance to play on it yet.

I have updated nextcloud manually it eventually worked after a bit of searching.
Php 8 was a problem also and hence mongodb - all working now.

My phone now can used nexcloud apps locally. apparently bt hub doesn't have an option for Nat loop feed back. had to install a package that I didn't have to build on the server and it all works now.

I built an office, well I took the bed out of the small room and replaced it with a plywood board.  It was intended as an office for my partner and a home for my server/big computer.  My son put his 2 monitor set up in there so there is little time for me to play